I read somewhere that your first blog post should be an introduction to who you are.  Great.  That should be easy.  Then I started to think about who I am and it got a little weird.  How deep into these weeds am I supposed to get?  I’m going for somewhere between “Hi, I’m Leah:  Christ follower, Wife to Juan and mom to three kiddos” and a rambling, philosophical, melancholy memoir.

To try to figure out who I am, I started making a bullet point list of things that describe me.  (I love bullet points and brevity.)  I looked at the list for a while, and realized that one thing about me is that I get excited about things, delve in and maybe learn something or do a project, and then want to move on, excited by the next new interest.  The four things on my list that have always held my interest:

  • God
  • My husband
  • My kids
  • My calling as a physician

I would say these four things are internal.  They are part of my being and cannot be separated from me.  I have a lot of other passions, interests, beliefs, opinions etc.  But those other things are external.  Their place in my life may ebb and flow and they do not define me.  They have the potential to fade from my life, be replaced by another interest or change of opinion.  They are not part of me on the inside but rather something that I seek out and embrace and enjoy for a time.  For example, we started homeschooling this month.  I feel pretty passionately about it.  But it is an outgrowth or subcategory of the first three internals, not a category in itself.

I am excited about this platform and the prospect of connecting to others with similar enthusiasm, to share with you and also learn from and be inspired by you.

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