1. How much I miss my mom friends.  There is a mom gang that hangs out in the parking lot at school after morning drop off.  When I was first married and my kids were little, I spent several years without any close female friends.  That is its own story, but that dry period made me especially appreciative of these women.  I admire them, learn from them and am inspired by them.  More importantly, I know I am loved by them.  Most importantly, I know my kids are loved by them.  I miss seeing them every day.
  2. How little my kids miss their friends.  My oldest and youngest are energetic extroverts.  They have a lot of friends and make new friends easily.  They are also the two that were lobbying to homeschool.  Everyone keeps asking me how they are doing socially.  They see their friends regularly, but not as much as they used too.  And they seem fine.  It’s my middle son who keeps looking for opportunities to see his friends.  He was in a good place socially when we started homeschooling.  He was popular and finally in the same class as his best friend Tyler.  We are finding ways for them to talk see each other more often as well as spend time with new friends.
  3. The synergy.  Right away we all noticed an unexpected synergy.  Honestly, I was afraid homeschool would be like summer vacation – lazy bored kids lounging around the house trying to irritate each other.  But it was just the opposite.  When the kids were in school, it was like every member of the family was going in a different direction at a different time of day.  Now we are all on the same page, with the same goals, working together.
  4. How motivated the kids are.  I was afraid I would have to be on them every minute about getting their work done.  That’s how it was when they had homework in the past.  And don’t get me wrong, they still have their moments, especially transitioning from one task to another.  But in general, the work they have is less repetitive and more meaningful and it seems to engage them.
  5. What poor independent learners my kids are.  They are very independent in everything else.  They have been doing their laundry for years.  They take care of our lawn.  They stay home when we go out for date night.  They clean the kitchen after dinner and leave it better than I would.  All of these things they do without any oversight.  But for some reason when they are studying they can’t seem to problem solve on their own at all.  The first bump in the road and they want me to fix it.  And it seems like it’s not just trouble problem solving.  They want me to just be by their side the whole time.  I was ruminating on this and it dawned on me that this is the one of the main reasons we decided to homeschool.  We felt they were not learning to be independent or critical thinkers.  This is going to be a major focus going forward but I can’t expect them the grasp it right away!


  1. Great post! It is amazing to me that although we all live under the same roof-I haven’t noticed some of my kids strengths/weaknesses in learning until now. I am thankful that I now see it and can cultivate that going forward. The love of the “mom tribe” is so special. I miss them too. 💕


  2. Almost all of your points surprised me as well. I was especially surprised at number 2. I know some women that homeschool and I wonder what their day is like and what it’s like for them. As a newlywed, I never thought about homeschooling our future children but as the condition of the world deteriorates I may think about it. In reference to #1, what is up with the dry periods of loneliness for newlyweds. I’m kinda experiencing that now. It’s weird…Anyways, great post!


    1. Thanks so much for your comment! About the dry periods: God showed me how important friendship is to us women and I think it is a life long lesson so I will always be appreciative. But He also showed me how He is the friend that is always faithful and dependable. I have to go to Him first, before my friends, to get support and encouragement. I’m sure His reasons vary as to why he allows those times in our lives, but it’s not by mistake and He is good, so we can know it all works out! Hope you have a blessed day.

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