Dreams Really Do Come True

We bought the RV.  If you know me, you know this has been an obsession for the past few years.  Thinking about it and researching it had actually become a hobby.  But as it says in Proverbs 13:12 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”  I began to recognize it was pretty far fetched and unlikely to ever happen.  I gave it up to God. I told Him that if it wasn’t right for us, or was going to cause us some hardship, to help me let it go.  I quit searching the internet and anguishing over finding the perfect rig. Instead, I decided to wait on God.

Here is how it happened after that: We were planning to go to the Chicago RV show in in January but there ended up being a big snow storm that day. We decided instead to just go to our local Camping World and have a look around. All the rigs were outside, half frozen into snow banks and locked. We got a salesman to let us into a few and we scurried between rigs with the frigid air whipping at us. Only a lunatic would find it fun, which I did. We took shelter in an Engetra Odyssey 25 R and we sat down to take a breather (if you’ve never experienced Wisconsin winter, let me just tell you it sucks the life out of you). We took a look around and realized that even though it is relatively small (28 feet) it felt very roomy. There is a giant bunk over the cab that seems to have more clearance than most and also has a huge window, which brings light into the entire coach. Juan said “why don’t we just get this one?” This is the same Juan who was adamant that we not buy an RV until fall 2019, or never.

On the way home we decided to forgo our trip to Italy in May and buy the RV instead. I shopped around on line and got an amazing deal. In fact, when I called the local Camping World to see if they could come close to the price I was quoted at RVOne, they insinuated that I was not being honest and that no one would give me that price. So we bought the one in Des Moines sight unseen, no test drive.  Although this worked out really well for us, I DON’T RECOMMEND IT!

Fast Facts on the RV:

  • Model:  2019 Entegra Odyssey 25 R, class C
  • Length: 28 feet
  • Chassis:  Ford 450, gas
  • Floorplan:  queen bed in the back and another over the cab.  There is a sofa and dinette that both turn into beds (for shorter people).  It slept all five of us comfortably (Miriam stayed home because she had to work).
  • First impressions:  It is really easy to drive.  We drove right into downtown Iowa City and parked on the street (two parking spots).  At the same time, it’s big enough for all of us.  I think we got the balance.  I love the windows, light, and roominess of this coach.  On the downside, it doesn’t have a lot of basement storage or an inverter.

Here are some photos from the trip home:

Road Trip to Des Moines

Picking up the RV in Des Moines at RVOne

The demo and pick up process at RVOne was a disappointment. However, we were really grateful that the rig was in perfect working condition and so excited to drive it home!

Exploring Des Moines

First stop was Tacos Mariana’s. The papusas were great. We got a few orders to go for dinner too.

The Iowa State Capitol was impressive inside and out.

After searching around we found that the capitol is open to the public.

Inside are a lot of historic artifacts. This newspaper describes how the Capitol building burned and was rebuilt

The inside of the capitol was beautiful.

We came across this strange and fascinating collection of dolls commemorating all the past First Ladies of the state as well as the current Governor.

First Night in the Rig

We stayed at Rock Creek state park in Grinell, Iowa. We survived our first night with below freezing temperatures.

We woke up to frost and a nearly empty campground. It was peaceful and lovely.

Exploring Iowa City

Iowa City is the location of the first capitol building. It was later granted to the University and is now open to the public.

Many of the rooms in the old capital have historic displays.

The first senate chamber.

Waiting for breakfast at the amazing Dandy Lion restaurant. If you’re in Iowa City, go there!!

First time I tried avocado toast and it did not disappoint. These eggs were perfect (I’m pretty picky on my poached eggs). I could go on and on about this toast. The pickled onions, the fresh crispy radish…..

Iowa City surprised us. There were a lot of interesting little shops and the weather was beautiful.

Cave of the Mounds

We stopped at Cave of the Mounds in western Wisconsin. In addition to the cave, there are gardens and outdoor areas to explore on a warm day.

I’ve been to this cave several times but I always enjoy it and learn something new. The tour guides are amazing. Many of them are geology students from UW.

This is a closed cave, meaning the only way in and out is through the gift shop (that is the actual verbage they used). The good news is that there are no bats or other animals in the cave.

Final Thoughts

Despite the years of obsession, hopes, anticipation and then subsequent disappointing demo/pick up from RVOne (more on that later), this experience and this RV have actually exceeded my expectations. I really didn’t anticipate this much fun packed into just the drive home from the dealer!

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