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Debt Free Victory Lap

We did it. Maybe it’s too soon to write about this because it hasn’t sunk in and I’m still in a daze. But here’s what happened: God reminded us of the original vision. Read more about that here.  We put our rental property on the market. We asked the Lord to bring us the perfect … Continue reading Debt Free Victory Lap

The Liebster Award

  I have been nominated by HistorianRuby for the Liebster Award - Thank you!  HistorianRuby is a blog I follow because it's well written and fascinating.  She is a historian and writes about English history as well as her own family history.  Check out my favorite post of hers here. So what is the Leibster … Continue reading The Liebster Award

Working Mom Comes Clean

We went to the bank on Tuesday, at 11 am. On Monday we had broken our piggy bank open after a couple years of saving. We brought all $180 worth of change to the bank and poured it down the coin counter in the lobby. When we took our ticket up to the teller, I … Continue reading Working Mom Comes Clean

Midlife Crisis

It occurred to me the other day that people may think I am having a midlife crisis.  I think of midlife crisis as making radical and unexpected life changes in an attempt to ward off old age.  But it turns out there’s actually a whole psychological study around the topic. It is defined as “an … Continue reading Midlife Crisis


  How much I miss my mom friends.  There is a mom gang that hangs out in the parking lot at school after morning drop off.  When I was first married and my kids were little, I spent several years without any close female friends.  That is its own story, but that dry period made … Continue reading 5 THINGS THAT SURPRISED ME ABOUT HOMESCHOOLING


I read somewhere that your first blog post should be an introduction to who you are.  Great.  That should be easy.  Then I started to think about who I am and it got a little weird.  How deep into these weeds am I supposed to get?  I’m going for somewhere between “Hi, I’m Leah:  Christ … Continue reading Introductions…